Our Why CaroQuilla

The Environment & Nature = Mental Health = Self Care = Positive Self Perception.  It's all related.

I believe self care is about being active, enjoying nature and enjoying our bodies, as they are.  I believe that being active AND being in nature releases endorphins.  I feel better when I move and I'm outside. 

So, for this reason I feel compelled to take responsibility about my impact and that of our company on the environment as a whole. 
Read about CaroQuilla and Environmental responsibility here.

Having personal experience with the challenges of mental health I want to do more than just survive.  I want to thrive and I want to give back.  Read about our giving back for mental health here.

Self Perception is the longest forming part of our psyche and influences how we deal with others, not just ourselves. Read about my journey to gaining deep insight on how we as women see ourselves here.