Making CaroQuilla - Where our undies are made & why.

We always strive to be as transparent as we can.  We’ve been asked about where our product is manufactured.  It’s a fair question. When I started this company I wanted to make sure that, as a company, our values reflect as much as we can in everything we do. I started this company to make an impact on our environment. Coming from a fashion retai...
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Who is your Valentine?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I wanted to share with you a perspective you may not have considered before.  I believe the intent of this day is to remind me that, especially in times like these, I shouldn’t wait for this one day each year to be more intentional about communicating the love I feel in my heart.  Being born in El Salvador and rais...
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Moving on past Blue Monday - Hugs from the team at CaroQuilla.

CaroQuilla Underwear Company cares about women. Our values center on Mental Health, Positive Self Image and Meaningful Self Care.

Blue Monday affects many of us at this time of year, but we don't need to be a victim of it.  There are ways of being proactive and there is a mindset that makes all the difference.

Winter won't last forever, but while it's here let's take care of ourselves and of each other.   It's the least we can do.

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I’m My Biggest Critic. Are You Too?

Learning to be self-compassionate, kind and yourself When shopping for a new swim suit or pair of jeans, have you ever loved the first one you tried on? Did you try on item after item, and hum and haw about which is best, which you think you look best in only to realize it was the first one all along? Did the swim suit change? Or did your percep...
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Rise Up And Meditate

What Is Meditation? Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts.  Meditating may seem intimidating but the practice has become popular in recent years. The good news is that whether you have never practiced meditation or want to pick it up again, there's no better time to start than today. Want to s...
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Why Is It So Hard To Create Good (Sustainable) Period Underwear?

Producing panties that are better for the planet is one of our missions here at CaroQuilla. That’s why we are creating regular bamboo panties and developing the period underwear that can be reusable. That’s better for you and Mother Nature!  CaroQuilla wants to empower people who menstruate and give them more hygiene options to manage their flow...
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