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I want to change the way you look at undies...and yourself!

For you and the planet.


Before I started CaroQuilla, two problems hit me every time I looked at my Undies drawer.
1) These old synthetic undies will stay in the landfill forever if I throw them out, and
2) I, similar to so many women I’ve met, hated the way I look in the changeroom mirror.
CaroQuilla was founded to tackle these two issues head on.

In the lingerie department fitting room, it seems like every woman experiences the same thing. They dislike something about themselves, and no one is immune.

My journey to founding CaroQuilla began when I was a professional bra fitter and standing in the change rooms, beside women who were at their most vulnerable. So many women were ashamed to show me their bodies and were reluctant to see themselves in the mirror. Almost without exception, they would point out their flaws. Their least favorite thing about themselves. I would tell them how beautiful they were and point out their natural beauty, which is something all bodies are blessed with. This was the most rewarding part of my job: when I was able to see smiles on their faces, and when they allowed themselves to see the beauty I saw.

The experience opened my eyes and helped me realize how a piece of clothing that (for the most part) isn’t seen by others can have a big impact on a woman’s self-perception. Everyone aspires to look and feel beautiful and comfortable. With the right garment and the right perspective, every woman is capable of recognizing just how beautiful they truly are.

It’s a universal experience. We all tend to find something we don’t like about ourselves, and we think others judge us for it. Often, this perceived flaw partially defines who we are.

With everything I learned in those lingerie change rooms, I decided to start my own line of Bamboo underwear. We designed undies that could be worn every single day without sacrificing your comfort. They’re made to complement a woman’s natural shape, and since we’re dedicated to the environment, we knew we also had to use sustainable materials and contribute to the greater good in the process.

Thank you for your support.

Love, Maria

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women with the recognition that they are beautiful just the way they are, and to help them embrace their bodies, love themselves and feel confident. The minute we change our perceptions, we start to realize we are all beautiful, inside and out!

Our Vision

A world where women only see beauty and speak to themselves with compassion when facing the morning mirror.

Our Impact

We commit to support local women's mental health initiatives by giving a portion of all sales to local causes such as North End Women's centre, Klinic, Mood Disorders Association of MB, and more.

Our Core Values


Women would tell me they wanted underwear they could wear every day and feel comfortable. When designing our essential undergarments, this was a key component in sourcing material to create beautiful, sustainable, super-soft essentials. For me, bamboo was the perfect material from which to make CaroQuilla’s underwear.


1% to mental health and women's support agencies
Like many people out there, I have dealt with mental health challenges, including generalized anxiety disorder and depression. In becoming a voice for CaroQuilla, I did not want to miss the opportunity to be a voice for mental health advocacy. Through research and assistance, I found information that has helped and enabled me to conquer my mental health struggles. Even if just in a small way, I strive to lessen the stigma surrounding mental illness, which is still so prevalent in our society. For this reason, CaroQuilla has partnered with organizations in our community, most notably the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba.


Second reason that propelled me to start CaroQuilla was my underwear drawer! It had built over time and the truth is it felt guilty throwing out my synthetic undies knowing that most of them would take 30-40 to degrade in the landfills. I am passionate about Mother Nature. For as long as I can remember, I've looked for ways in my daily life to help reduce my impact on the planet. The fabric we use for our undies is bamboo viscose. Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants.
When we promise quality, we promise that, wash after wash, your undies come out looking great. Quality means these materials feel great from the first wash to the twentieth, but you also feel good eventually throwing them away and knowing that the bamboo they’re made of is natural and will go back to Mother Earth in an environmentally responsible way.


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