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Should you think about what your undies are made of? Is it really that important?

At CaroQuilla we certainly think so. We want our garments to make you feel good both on your body and your conscience.

So why did we choose bamboo? The benefits of bamboo fabrics are endless. Not only are they naturally eco-friendly, and as a fabric it is also resilient and super soft.

Read more about Bamboo here.

Organically Grown Bamboo

Our Bamboo is grown organically. It requires no pesticides, no insecticides, and no fertilizers. A bamboo plantation improves air quality by producing up to 35% more oxygen, and absorbs four times as much carbon, than an equivalent area of hardwood trees.

A key influence for starting Caroquilla was, of all things, my underwear drawers. I had drawers full of worn out underwear that I couldn't bring myself to throw away. I felt guilty knowing these nylon based products would sit in our landfills for as much as 40 years! I made it my goal to develop a product and establish practices that are as sustainable as possible. From sourcing the world's most eco-friendly fabrics to removing all non-compostable packaging from our supply chain.

Certified Fabrics

Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.(SHKO 106371) certified, meaning they’re testing for harmful chemicals so it helps both your body and our waters breathe more easily.

We’re also committed to using Bamboo Viscose. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants in the world. It is  Global Recycle Standard certified, meaning the world’s top certifier has ensured that it has recycled content in it. And just as important as its creation, after its usable life, Bamboo Viscose will biodegrade within a few months. Amazing compared to other materials such as nylon that may take up to 40 years to decompose.

Zero Waste Shipping

Our shipping bags are compostable, meaning that it biodegrades in 300 days in a composing environment. The printed material you receive in your order is printed on recycled paper.

We know this is just the first step in a long road to a zero waste future, and we are continuing to search for more ways to reduce and commit to sustainability.

If you have any feedback, questions or ideas for us, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you at:

Compostable Packaging

Our packaging is compostable and we do our best to send your order in as little packaging as possible, eliminating some harmful effects of shipping emissions.

CaroQuilla’s packaging is made from cornstarch and biodegrades best in a composting environment, and it’s been verified by certified testing agencies to decompose within 300 days—once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!

Instead of throwing it in a landfill with your other waste, we’d recommend dropping it off at a local composting centre or composting it at home. Before you do that, you’ll have to remove our shipping label from the bag.