Giving Back - Underwear For Good

Giving Back - Underwear For Good

Giving back for mental health.

As a company CaroQuilla is committed to supporting women’s mental health.

We have pledged to give 1% of all sales to organizations doing important work in this area.

Organizations like:

The North End Women's center

The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba.

Wa-Say Healing Centre Inc.

Also, as an individual and the owner of CaroQuilla I donate my time as a volunteer.  

Women underwear

Giving Back means more to me than you can imagine.

Long before I was CEO of CaroQuilla I knew what it was like to struggle. My experience with anxiety and depression challenged me in ways nothing else could. It was as a department head and bra-fitter for a world renown lingerie company that I began my journey of recovery.

Long before I had the Vision of starting Caroquilla I knew what it was like to struggle quietly. My experience with anxiety and depression challenged me in a ways nothing else could.

Hearing women in the change rooms describing themselves in such insensitive ways, always focusing on their flaws, I came to recognize my own toxic self talk.

In the end, I had to step back and take care of myself. Take care of my mental health.

Slowly but surely I changed my life for the better. I sought professional help and guidance. I changed how I ate, what I read, how I thought and I started getting active.

Today I volunteer my time giving back. I facilitate support groups for women with anxiety and depression and through CaroQuilla, I support local mental health organizations financially. My goal, as The founder, is to grow CaroQuilla so that we can provide this kind of support not just nationally but internationally.
Giving Back isn’t a “feel good” thing. It is a “do good” thing.

Read here about Maria's personal journey.


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