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Why CaroQuilla?

Ambassador Program

The CaroQuilla Ambassadors program

If you love fashion and innovative design. If you’re passionate about sustainability and women’s empowerment. If you post articles or product features about these on your social media platforms or website, then you may want to join our affiliate program and earn a little extra cash or get amazing bamboo products while doing that thing you love.

As a CaroQuilla Ambassador

  • To start you off, you'll receive a free product for becoming an Ambassador for CaroQuilla.  You can test it and see for yourself just how wonderful our range of bamboo essentials is.
  • Earn free CaroQuilla Bamboo Product monthly 
  • You will receive a code, exclusive to you, that you can share with your followers.  It gives them a 10% discount on their purchase.  We will use that code to track sales that came thanks to you.
  • 10% commission to you on all attributed sales.
    At the end of each month we will total up your attributed sales and offer you an amount of Caroquilla product you can shop for or a cash value alternative.  
  • Whenever we come out with new product lines (and trust me, there are more to come!) you will receive free samples to try out and promote.

About us

Our Brand (find us on Instagram is focused on Sustainable, comfortable women’s essentials.

The CaroQuilla (pronounced Ka-ro-Key-ya) name comes from a combination of Caro (My family nickname because my middle name is Carolina, and Mama Quilla, the Incan goddess of fertility, menstruation and the defender of women-CaroQuilla!

My journey to founding CaroQuilla began when I was a professional bra fitter.  Standing beside women at their most vulnerable.  The experience opened my eyes and helped me realize how a piece of clothing, one that for the most part isn’t even seen by others, can have a big impact on a woman’s self-perception. 

Many women were ashamed to show me their bodies and were reluctant to see themselves in the mirror. I would tell them how beautiful they were and point out their natural beauty, which is something all bodies are blessed with. This was the most rewarding part of my job: when I was able to see smiles on their faces, and when they allowed themselves to see the beauty I saw.

It's a universal experience. We all tend to find something we don’t like about ourselves, and we think others judge us for it. Often, we allow this perceived flaw to define who we are. Everyone aspires to look and feel beautiful and comfortable. With the right garment and the right perspective, every woman is capable of recognizing just how beautiful they truly are. 

With everything I learned in those lingerie change rooms, I decided to start my own line of undies. I’ve spent years researching and designing women’s underwear that are not only comfortable, luxurious but also friendly to our planet.  I designed panties that could be worn every single day without sacrificing your comfort. They’re made to complement a woman’s natural shape, and by using organic Bamboo, they are an ethically sound choice. Please read our “Why Bamboo” blog on the website.

CaroQuilla Service

Free shipping available on all US and Canadian orders

Free Winnipeg area delivery

Delivery worldwide

CaroQuilla’s Comfort Guarantee

Try CaroQuilla’s product risk-free for 30 days and for any reason you are not satisfied or don't like them, we will refund your purchase. New Customers Only. (Click here for more details)

    Program Terms and Responsibilities

    What involves to be Caroquilla Ambassador, Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Coupon codes must be validly attributed to the affiliate channel to be tracked and paid.
    • Representing the brand positively in a multitude of settings
    • Promoting the brand via his/her personal social media accounts
    • Providing feedback and insight on new product/services

    Any activity that gives the appearance of contravention of these above terms can result in the termination of this agreement and any future obligations of the Company.

    Both parties are entitled to terminate this agreement at any time by written or electronic means.


    Any Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaigns are forbidden. We reserve the right to exclusively promote within this channel.

    Other PPC advertising is acceptable provided no bids are placed on our trademarks. Bidding on the trademarks of our stocked brands and products is also forbidden (including brand misspellings).

    All traffic sources must be approved by CaroQuilla, if you wish to add another website or change the previously accepted one, please update your traffic source.

    We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or remove an Affiliate partner from this program at any time without notice if the website contains: adware, content that is abusive, erotic, extremist, radical-political, or unsuitable for adolescents.

    If you have any Questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:

    Love, Maria

    Founder and CEO
    CaroQuilla Underwear Company

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