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Period Underwear

Periods can be rough enough on their own – never mind when you have to worry about leaks or making sure you always have a spare tampon on hand. Our absorbent, machine-washable and ultra-comfy bamboo period panties can take some of the stress out of your time of the month or whenever you need a little extra protection.

CaroQuilla's unique QuickDry layer.

QuickDry Layer against your skin

Feel dry - feel secure.

Inside is 2 -3 Tampons worth of absorption.

Waterproof protection holds it all in.

And it feels so close to a regular undie that you'll love wearing them ANY day of the month!

4 Layer Design

Protection AND Comfort

Say goodbye to disposable period product with confidence.

Absorb your period. Feel dry. Save the planet.

It's that easy.

Frequently Asked Period Undie Questions

What is period underwear?

Period underwear promotes free-bleeding and is a sustainable alternative to disposable menstrual hygiene products. Period undies are designed to absorb menstrual blood without blocking your flow or leaking.

What happens to disposable menstrual products when they are thrown out?

It takes 6 months for a tampon to biodegrade, and pads and applicators sit in landfills for centuries.

How do I wash and care for my period undies

After wearing your undies keep them in our Waterproof Carry Bag.

Once you get them home, give them a rinse. Many will bring them into the shower and rinse and squeeze them out in there.

Wash using regular detergent but DO NOT use fabric softener. Hang to dry. DO NOT put in the dryer. This is essential to keep the waterproof layer working at its best.

Reuse again and again, and feel great about the impact you're making!

How can I reduce my impact on the planet with period products I choose?

It’s important to use whatever works best for YOU, but if you want to start reducing your impact, try our reusable undies, like Caroquilla’s period undies. 

Menstrual pads are made up of up to 90% plastic and nearly all tampons contain some plastic

Over the course of a lifetime, each menstruating individual is predicted to throw away roughly 400 pounds of packaging from these products, and those harmful plastics often end up in landfills, sewer systems and waterways.

A year’s worth of a typical menstrual hygiene product leaves a carbon footprint of 5.3 kg CO2 equivalents.


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