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Period Underwear

Periods can be rough enough on their own – nevermind when you have to worry about leaks or making sure you always have a spare tampon on hand. Our super-absorbent, machine-washable and ultra-comfy bamboo period panties can take some of the stress out of your time of the month or whenever you need a little extra protection. 

You can wear them in the days leading up to your period instead of liners or swap out the tampons, pads, cups, and sponges entirely and just pop on these undies. But on days when you want a little extra security, you can always wear them as a backup with a tampon. 

Period panties guard against leaks by directly absorbing your flow. The difference between these and other forms of undergarment protection is that you can use period underwear over and over again, which can significantly decrease how many products you send to landfills each month. 

Our period undies can absorb the same as two to three tampons, but they look and feel like regular underwear. You can wear them every single day if you want, especially since they also protect against bladder leaks and sweat during hot days or your workouts. 

Why Make The Switch From Pads To CaroQuilla's Period Underwear?

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