Your Kindness Will Always Come Back To You

Being kind doubles when you give it away. It will also come back to you Today, give someone a helping hand and you’re sure to get that kindness returned to you. Don’t underestimate karma; we believe in it for sure.

All you need is to be kind

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Kindness is something that we need now more than ever. Compassion can bring hope, trust and camaraderie into people’s lives while raising spirits (which is something we can all appreciate). 

We all need kindness and support. And even spreading a bit of kindness and positive energy around can make a world of difference to someone.  It’s easy to be kind and make that difference by doing one kind thing every day. Moreover, being kind and positive can influence your own health.

Kindness can treat you

According to Dr. Daniel Hamilton, kindness has many scientifically-proven benefits that keep us healthy and happy. 

Simple acts of kindness can help eliminate anxiety and stress. Next time when you are anxious or stressed out, try to do something good for someone. Your negative thoughts may disappear because you’re focusing on someone else and able to bring them a bit of happiness, which will make you feel good too.  

Moreover, kindness improves your relationships. Being caring and compassionate can bring you closer to people and establish trustful relationships. 

Kindness can even affect the chemicals released in your body. It is a mighty gesture that can keep your heart healthy. Being kind releases the hormone oxytocin, which protects the heart by lowering blood pressure. 

Ways to bring kindness

We prepared some ideas for you to bring a bit of kindness to others: 

  1. Give a hug to somebody who needs it
  2. Take the time to listen 
  3. Give someone a compliment 
  4. Send a card or message with some heartfelt words or a small gift
  5. Always say please and thank you 
  6. Invite somebody to join you for a coffee
  7. Encourage and motivate someone who needs your support
  8. Help with tasks  (clean apartment, walk with a dog, repot plants, etc.)
  9. Donate to local charities
  10. Say “Love You” more often to your loved ones
  11. Feed abandoned animals
  12. Help someone learn to use new-to-them technology 
  13. Pick up litter, even if it is not yours
  14. Make a someone’s dream come true
  15. Bake a pie and share with your colleagues at work
  16. Support local businesses and leave positive reviews on their websites
  17. Adopt a pet
  18. Be sustainable and environmentally-conscious 
  19. Help somebody with a school project
  20. Have a family day every week

Always be kind 

CaroQuilla appreciates all our customers, and providing them with the best sustainable underwear is our way of caring and sharing. Our hearts are full of love and kindness, and we are happy to have all of you in our community. Thank you for your continued support. It means a lot to us.

It is never too late to start doing good things and sharing kindness with others. We encourage everyone to do simple things that can make you and others happy. Let’s make this world a better and kinder place, one act at a time. 

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